After School Club

We are pleased to announce that our After School Club is now running and available to all pupils. This provision was created in response to two factors:

  • We wish to support all our pupils to achieve. After School Club will offer both guidance from staff and ICT resources to help ensure our pupils can properly complete their independent learning.

  • Some parents/carers struggle to collect at 3.00pm due to other commitments and have been needing to collect early. From September these pupils can now be collected at a later time solving this problem.

After School Club runs from 3.00pm to 4.00pm Monday to Thursday and Fridays from 1.30pm to 2.30pm. Where a pupil wishes to take part it is clearly very important that they are collected by recognised parents/carers before 4.00pm Monday to Thursday and 2.30pm on Fridays.. After School Club will be a free provision, however should it be that a pupil remains uncollected after 4.00pm or 2.30pm there will be a charge of £20 for any extension beyond that time. I hope you understand that in making the free provision we do need to dissuade late collection and with your support will hope to never invoke this charge.

Should you wish for your child to stay for After School Club, please email your child's details to so that normal transport arrangements can be cancelled for that day.

You must give at least 24hrs notice. Requests giving less than 24hrs notice will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

If you wish to use the After School Club please complete the form below and return to the school office.