E-Safety - Staying Safe Online #parenthub


The internet is amazing. Children can play, learn, create and connect - opening up a whole world of exciting possibilities. But with the digital world changing all the time, how can you make sure your child’s staying safe?

That’s where we come in. Whether you’re an online expert or you’re not sure where to start, here is a short list of tools, resources and advice that will help you keep your child safe.






For further information visit the schools E-Safety page


Children In Need at Sutton #Parenthub


Sutton School Afternoon Tea Party!

Students and parents from Sutton School celebrated Children In Need 2017 in style with an afternoon tea party. There was an amazing buffet and fun activities to join in with and we all have a great time and raised lots of money for Children In Need. A big thank you to all of the staff at Sutton School who worked hard behind the scenes to make the event so special.

Well done everyone!

RNLI Fundraising at Sutton #parenthub

Over the last twelve months  Sutton School have been collecting old and foreign coins to donate to the RNLI Station in Barmouth. The COINS  we have collected have gone towards the new inshore lifeboat. The new D class lifeboat was named Craig Steadman in memory of a Holyhead RNLI crew member who sadly died in a motorbike accident in 2015.

The ceremony was very moving in the presence of around 300 guests, so it was a good turnout on such a miserable day. 

The Sutton school are very proud of being able to contribute to this with a donation of £110.07 and would like to thank you all for your contributions.

The photographs were taken on the day of the naming ceremony by Mr Nicolas Leach. 

LIVE ON AIR at Black Country Radio #parenthub

Students from Sutton School & Specialist College had an amazing time visiting the Black Country Radio station. They got a tour around the studios and even got to be part of the morning radio show and promote the school production. All of the students learnt a lot about running a radio station and enjoyed their time broadcasting live on air. 


visit www.blackcountryradio.co.uk for more information

Half Term Activities & Events #parenthub

Dear all

October Half Term is fast approaching. Below you will find a list of events and activities taking place in Dudley during the Half Term period.

Activities & Events - Click Here

There is also a report on the holiday schemes that we know are running during half term as well, so please see below.

Holiday Schemes - Click Here

All of this information is also on the Dudley website which is kept up to date on a regular basis and when you access the site, if you click on the ‘Events – what’s on’ section, the information will be on there. There is also a Halloween 2017 Activities & Events section where information on Halloween events can be found. Any further activities and events we hear about for half term and throughout the year will be uploaded onto the directory, so it’s always worth checking this out on a regular basis.



Classbased Education City #parenthub

EdCity Logo 2012.jpg

In Classbased pupils will be bringing home Education City login details over the next week enabling them to access the software from home.

Education City provides educational software to schools and homes. The e-learning service was founded in 1999 and the company said the site has over 15,500 schools registered and 8,000 families. The service provides educational learning experiences mapped to the National Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, language education and computing.

Please use the login details provided by the teacher and you can access the login page via the link provided below.


Sutton's Annual Charity Drive

Great news! Sutton have started their annual charity drive. 

This year we have chosen Birmingham Children's hospital concentrating on ward 11 infant cardiology. We want to be able for Christmas to hand out presents to children parents and staff on that ward on Christmas day. I have spoken to some nurses and they said they would love to be able have a few minutes to themselves between working the long intensive shifts they work with good coffee and biscuits. After sending out a letter yesterday we have already been promised a coffee machine by a very kind parent.  Thank you. This will be a Dolce Gusto so if anyone would like to donate any pods this is the make to buy. I will keep you updated with our fun fund raising activities over next few weeks.

Thank You

Mrs M Baker  

charity drive.jpg

Sutton's African Giant Snails

Very exciting week for life skills and Sutton pupils. We have kindly been donated 3 African Giant land snails.  Doris Morris and Boris. Doris is 5 months old and is already 7cm the other two are 5 weeks old and do not even measure 0.5cmyet. They are extremely interesting creatures and the children are having fun learning and caring for them. I don't know how I will keep up with the food consumption when they are fully grown adults as they are eating us out of house and home. This could be up to 30cm long... only time will tell.

Mrs Baker


Under The Sea

Mrs Hudson has now finished the "Under The Sea" display in the Class-based Provision which the children started during Adventure Week.  It is absolutely fantastic! Well done to all pupils and staff for their hard work.

Presentation Evening 2017

Sutton School celebrated the achievements of all students in style at their 2017 Presentation Evening. The Sutton Fest 17 Show showcased amazing acts from present and past pupils as well as acknowledging the amazing achievements of our students throughout this year and their whole time at Sutton School. We are especially proud of our year 11 leavers who have worked so hard this year and we celebrate their success and wish them well for the future.

A big thank you to all of the staff at Sutton School who helped make Presentation Evening an unforgettable night. Well Done Everyone!

Former Pupil Bradley Turner singing Parla Piu Piano..... 

Photography & Videography by Ben Mould, Mr Edney-Evans and Mrs Duckworth.

How to build a log cabin...

In construction today year 10 have built the base to a log cabin in lessons 1&2 and in lessons 5&6 year 9 put the finishing touches to the Apex roof. All the twigs and sticks came from local parks collected by the class base.

Liverpool Trip Day 4

We had a great day at Gulliver's World, almost every ride was tackled, the pupils loved it. The day was rounded off with a great meal at Frankie and Benny's. Then it was back to the hostel for a video and chillout time while Mr Sant spent an hour doing a blog post over a very slow internet connection, that someone deleted.. happy days... The film we watched sent many pupils to sleep so we were all happy to start packing in preparation for the 'off' the next morning. Enjoy the pictures :)

In School Activities - Day 5

In School Activities - Day 5

Animal Experience and Barbeque

Our parent governor Mrs Chapman has brought in a collection of animals for the children to see.  We got chance to see ferrets, a python, scorpions, tarantulas, an Iguana, a turtle and an African land snail.  Children and staff pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and were very brave.  We saw some very courageous and fearless children hold every animal they possibly could, we have definitely witnessed children who could potentially work with animals, they demonstrated a real flair!  We all thought the animal experience was fantastic, thank you so much Mrs Chapman for your time and for bringing in your wonderful array of (some of) your pets for us to see.


A big thank you to Mrs Ashby and Mrs Page who have provided everyone with a wonderful barbeque.  We have eaten burgers, hotdogs, doughnuts and popcorn! The weather has been good enough again for us to play outside on the field.  A wonderful ending to an adventure filled week!  Thank you to all staff for their extra hard work this week.