Bostin time with Billy at Black Country Radio! #parenthub

To help promote the School Production we took some of the cast down to Black Country Radio to" Pre-record" the "Omma and Chain Show" with Billy Spakemon that's broadcast on Sunday afternoon's between 4 and 6pm. Tune in to hear how well they spoke...tune in to hear when and were the school production is....tune in to hear Mr Hood forced to sing a Spice Girls song!!! ðŸ˜žðŸ˜  

A big thank you to Black Country Radio for making us so welcome.

McMillan Coffee Morning 2018 #parenthub

After finally selling all the cakes and biscuits that were kindly donated for our McMillan coffee morning.  

I am happy to say

Pupils raised £145:00 during the morning.

In the afternoon a big thank you goes out to the 32 Parents that attended and shared a drink and cake with us.  They raised £120:00 

I am happy to say we raised a grand total of £265:00.

Well done to everyone who took part and made this event very successful. 

Menorca Day 7 #parenthub

The last day. Wow! That went quick. Looks like we saved the nicest weather for the last day, and what a cracker, a visit to Cala Galdana for the day, widely considered the best beach on the island.

We took our usual Norbus nice and early at 10 am. We arrived to find the beach quite, which meant we had chance to pick a nice spot near to the loos and the café. Sunbeds procured and pitch set, we began the routine of much splashing and messing in the sand. Many holes were dug.

We successfully conected to our school assembly for a few minutes for a video chat from the beach, where the children had chance to wave at the gathered pupils back in blighty, what fun.

Dinner consisted of chips and a packed lunch with the bonus of ice cream paid for with money donated by one of our parent/carers, thanks, the kids loved it.

Many of the children having bought facemasks took great joy in looking at the foot-long fish swimming around them in the shallows.

I have also added some pictures from later last night, where EE was rewarded with a hoody for all his hard work this week looking after his housemates. Well done! There are also some nice pictures of our walk before dinner last night to watch the sun boil away into the sea. Many local people and tourists attended to watch the lightshow and it really was spectacular.

Tonight, we are packing our bags and getting ready for our return flight tomorrow.

We are being picked up tomorrow from the hotel at 9.45am local time so all should be fed.

We will post an estimated arrival time tomorrow once we know when the exact departure/arrival times are. Until manyana.. Menorca out! Roll on 2019!

Menorca Day 6 #parenthub

Mission Commencement: 0830 hrs local time. Target: Breakfast buffet. After Action Report: All targets consumed, including some rather odd choices for breakfast, including no typical breakfast choices at all (ie: Pastries and cake). The team member was spoken to regarding ‘daft’ choices and instructed to eat more productively next time. Mission Assessment: Success.

Our next assignment involved a tactical advance down to the port once more in order to secure our objective. We added a secondary objective en-route, that being to liberate several buckets, spades and balls from captivity at the local Supermarcado. Our primary objective remained to occupy a defensible position upon the beach. From there observe the enemy (the fish in the sea, mosquitos and wasps) and conduct a ‘reconnaissance in force’ into the upper shallows (otherwise known as having a little paddle and a swim). We were to hold this position until relieved.

We encountered little resistance and soon had abase of operations constructed from what seemed like abandoned stacks of beech chairs (used as a wind break, as the other beach users were doing). From our holdfast we observed many team members paddling, smiling, sitting, digging and throwing. The team appeared happy and in good spirits.

We encountered a minor incursion into our perimeter when two Spanish men looking very annoyed entered the beach area and began moving the ‘wind breaks’ from every one’s camp on the beech and putting them into nice little rows. There was much displeasure shown on the faces of our fellow beech goers. This did not dampen our spirits and strengthened our resolve to see out the remainder of the morning having a jolly good time.

We completed our mission at 1300hrs and extracted safely on foot to our hotel, where we ate dinner before relocating our assets once more to the poolside, where much splashing, giggling and good old messing about was experienced.

The weather did not hinder our expedition in any way and was much more conducive to a productive operation. Tomorrows weather report, according to sources is even more promising. This is a good sign since we are headed to the best beach on the island, Cala Galdana.

As I write we are readying ourselves for another assault on the restaurant.

There are a few pictures from last night that didn’t make it into yesterday’s despatches and are included for the sake of completeness. We would also like to report a few more positive comments from others staying at the hotel including ‘they are so well behaved and well mannered.’ We corroborated this story and the gentleman was in fact referring to the correct group of children, we should never have doubted as our team has shown themselves to be a credit to the school.

Menorca Day 5 #parenthub

Hello there once again avid readers. If any of you have been following the weather reports you would know that last night (and probably the next couple of days) was quite a windy one and we all retired to bed relatively early, since the quiz master gave up and the backdrop to the entertainment kept blowing off! We were all glad of the early night after walking a thousand miles around Mahon and the zoo yesterday.

This morning we were intending to head to a very nice beach at Cala Galdana by coach, but we put this off for a day or so to let the winds settle and the temperature rise, saying that, we still enjoyed low to mid 20s today. Always a bit of a challenge for the sun cream officer as we all know how wind can mask sunburn.

We all took a walk along the coast road after breakfast to the lighthouse and beyond. At a height of 45m it’s light can be seen all the way to the horizon at 19nm. There were some great crashing waves on this part of coast and we watched them at a safe distance.

After a bit of a discussion we decided to have a day around the resort, exploring all those places that we hadn’t reached, dipping in and out of shops, buying more souvenirs and checking out our local beach, which was much windier than the pics suggest. The pupils loved looking at the big waves crashing on the beach wrote few messages in the sand and a few got wet feet when they were caught out by the ‘30th’ wave. Much ice cream was consumed.

After dinner those brave enough went to the pool and had the usual fun times squirting each other with water pistols and trying out their scuba masks.

Dare I say that we are gradually wearing our pupils out? Surely not.

Menorca Day 4 #parenthub

Yes folks, it’s that time of the night again, so settle down to a little read of what’s been going on today in Menorca. Pull up a sofa, grab a cuppa and maybe a few hobnobs and read on.

The weather here continues to be good, a little cooler here today after a sprinkle of rain and a rumble of thunder or two throughout the night, nothing a Sutton Residential can’t cope with. Breakfast was the usual affair (see what I did? I skipped it as I’ve already told you all you need to know about beans, various egg types and pastries to tempt even the most ardent healthy breakfaster - Is that even a word? If not, it should be).

We started a little earlier today because we were going to the zoo, zoo, zoo and you can come to. Well, no you can’t but you can look at the small handful of photos we took. Now, Spanish Zoos are an interesting breed of animal sanctuary where by the animals are generally allowed to roam free, this makes for some interesting situations. Last time we visited we had an emu bite Mr Charles, and yes, the emu was still here and was a little disappointed that he wasn’t going to have another little taste of him. Do not fret readers, our tradition of a member of staff getting nipped or bitten by an animal was firmly maintained when a goat took a liking to Mrs Baker’s derrière and gave her a little nibble.

The lemurs were as usual very comedic and much singing of ‘I Like to Move It’ was heard. ‘King Julian’ was on top form as he jumped from shoulder to head to backpack, did some posing for photos and then raced of to have his dinner of nibbles.

There was a new splashpad here, which looked very much fun. Some pupils decided to have a go fully clothed, well done RA. The snakes and reptiles made another appearance, always a favourite unless you get ’wet’ on by the lizard and squashed by the massive snake. Oddly both of our SLT have an unfounded fear of snakes so Mr Curnow ‘had something to do’ as we passed around the snakes of various sizes.

Hammocks proved a slight distraction as we headed back to the coach and to catch the birds of prey display where some of our pupils faced certain doom as a small baby African Owl flew to them and landed on their glove shod hands.

A quick visit to the shop and group photo later and we were on our way to Mahon, the main town of the island. Walking the streets which led ever downwards to the port saw the pupils dipping in and out of toy shops and probably handbag and shoe shops. The port is a popular destination for cruise ships and the Club Med 2 looked resplendent at her birth, as did the millionaire cruisers moored right next to the restaurant we commandeered ‘2 Jays of London’ and ‘Chocolat’ were their again. The pupils picked their own food from the menu and tucked into some top-quality nosh. Mr Curnow continued to talk about boats. We nodded and smiled to keep him happy.

Soon enough it was time to head back to our hotel, stopping off at Monte Toro, a mountain top monastery and taking in the spectacular views and visiting the shop. We even managed to have a walk inside where you have to be really quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Amazing!

We must thank Sally for helping us organise today (and pretty much the whole week), our Menorcan Brit who is appreciated more than she could ever know.

I’ll leave you with a nice little story of a Gentleman staying at our hotel who was on the boat cruise from yesterday, remember that? Of course you do. Well, he is involved with adults with needs and commended us and what we were doing, an offer of drinks for everyone was politely refused which resulted in him getting 20 Euros out and insisting we spend it on the children. How bloomin’ nice is that? It Makes it all worth while when you get a pat on the back for doing something you love for people you care about. Winner!

Menorca Day 3 #parenthub

Some say that Sunday shall be a day of rest. Some say that day follows night (that one’s actually true, honest). Some say that you shouldn’t re-boil water in a kettle for tea. On a Sutton residential we say ‘No!’, Sunday shall be a bloomin’ banging day of super action and excitement, and we don’t really care about the other two. So here we go folks, a massive day of photographic goodness to feast your mince pies on (that’s Cockney rhyming slang for eyes I think).

So, without further ado or dilly-dallying around let us describe this momentously interesting and educational day. The day began with a customary cloudless sky, the early birds twittering in the trees, the cleaners doing their ‘thing’ and Mr Sant destroying the peace by gently awakening the troops (the pupils, we don’t have any soldiers) by banging on their doors and stating that breakfast is imminent and that if you don’t hurry up, Mr Kelly will eat it all. Bleary eyed, and believing that their breakfasts were in real danger of being devoured, our stars attended and consumed the usual morning feast of masses of beans, toast, and probably more beans, some had some eggs too, and there’s a rumour that fruit was even eaten, although this cannot be confirmed.

I’ve already mentioned today being a full-on day (however tomorrow is even more full-on, you’ll have to wait for that report as I’m keeping it a bit of secret because I can hardly contain my own excitement, and I don’t want to over excite you, my lovely readers) and this was proved by all hitting the poolside and having a jolly good morning swim and a well-managed minor water fight.

We then partook of burgers and hot dogs from the poolside bar. There was a slight delay when the barman and chef had a moment of confusion as Mrs Baker hit them with an order for 21 burgers and hot dogs. All was well when the barman wrote down the numbers to confirm his disbelief, that being a 2 and a 1 to confirm his suspicions that he and the chef would have to ‘get their skates on’ to get the fodder ready. This was quickly eaten, and set us up for our afternoon jaunt in a rather lovely boat.

Arriving at the port, and disapproving stares from the waiting punters who watched as the captain graciously let our team board ‘Amigo’ (good name) first and thus, ‘nick’ all the upstairs seats, we were ready for the off.

An education in the coastal history of this part of the island followed as the ‘cap’ took us in close to hidden coves, idyllic beaches and smugglers caves. Eventually we arrived at our ‘get to only by boat and foot’ beach where we got a bit wet, sandy and all the other things related to ‘having a quick dip’.

The weather again was amazing, the sea calm and no-one suffered from any wobbly tummies. We passed a few nice ‘floaty things’ that Mr Curnow tried to educate us on and quickly lost us in tales of rigging, yard arms and ‘those balloons that go over the edge to stop boats bumping into each other’. We did however pass the boat owned by the man who owns Mango clothing, a ‘stealth black’ 180 foot long sailing dingy, look it up I think it was called the Nirvana, and priced quite reasonably at 30 million bucks.

A picturesque trip back into the sunset, beneath clear skies criss-crossed by the vapour trails of airliners heading hither and thither and tapping our feet to the sound of ‘Sunny Afternoon’ just iced a great day.

As I look out of my window I see the pupils mustering for dinner… I’m sure we’ll all fill our tummies tonight and await what tomorrow brings, which you my friends, will just have to wait for. Enjoy the pictures.

Oh, and one more thing (waggles finger ‘Collumbo style’). Those long faces when we boarded the boat? Well they turned to smiles and congratulations on the behaviour of our children by the end of the voyage. Our kids are stars.

Menorca Day 2 #parenthub

Oh what a lovely restful sleep we had to recover from our day one non stop awesomeness. Early to rise, quick into breakfast where much confusion abounded when we played the game ‘try to translate the Spanish labels and identify the food’. Regardless of whether we knew what we were eating it is clear to say the Miranda Garden has really upped it’s game over the last couple of years and the food is even better than it was before, and it was good before, so I suppose in the language of Ofsted, it is Outstanding. Yum yum yummity yum. After a hearty breakfast we departed on our air-conditioned coach for the super long journey of approximately 25 minutes to the wonderfully charming town of Ciutadella de Menorca. A rich and cultural town with twisty little streets, elegant boutiques and more then enough ice cream dispensers and handbag shops to keep the pupil’s and Mrs Baker more than happy. We did, however walk until our feet almost fell off. The churches, the art gallery, the smelly fish market, the picturesque harbour and a couple of toy shops later we returned to our base. A quick change and off to the pool to do some more splash and mess about, while being supplied and hydrated at the ‘drink as much pop as you can while my carers or parents aren’t here' poolside bar. A short imparting of advice to the children followed involving explaining the damage sugary drinks can do to one’s teeth. I have a feeling the children nodded and smiled and continued anyway. The weather has so far been brilliant, with today no exception. I also have a feeling everyone will be filling up at dinner tonight, energy has been expended and needs to be replaced. In adition, we had an early night last night so we should catch the childrens entertainments tonight..Yippee..

So, signing off now at a sensible time of day, enjoy the photographs. There will be many more pictures available upon return but we cannot post all publicly due to permissions.

Don’t mention the R word….. for those of you checking the weather.

Menorca Day 1 #parenthub

Jetting 2 Menorca. Coach arrived on time...check. Flight on time...check. Landing a bit bumpy...check. Passport first to get through competition won by not Mr Sant and Mr Curnow's group...check. Sally met, greeted...check. Lovely scenic coach transfer...check. Arrived in time for lunch...check... in fact there were a lot of checks today. Experiencing an all you can eat buffet, making questionable decisions with pocket money purchases, minor fall outs solved and patched up. Smiles seen on all children's faces. Inflatable acquired. Dinner well and truly eaten. After dinner walk commenced and completed. Seaside port visited. Pool swam in. Slushies consumed. Beds now filled with very tired children. Mr Curnow seen floating on inflatable. A good day of checks not in any particular order. One tired blogger.. Enjoy the photos.

Performing Arts goes Insta-gram-able! #parenthub

Instagram #somethingnew #Pathway #Create

The Creative Media and Performing Arts Pathway have launched an Instagram account this week. Parents, careers and pupils over the age of 13, find us @ ‘Suttonschool_Pathway_Create’

Please follow us on our journey and keep updated with our latest news and events within our faculty.  Please remember that Instagram should only be used by pupils aged 13 years old and above and you must ensure that an appropriate code of conduct is used at all times.

New Sensory Sand Pit Area #parenthub

Sutton School are proud to showcase their new Sensory Sand Pit Area. The new learning space will create unique learning opportunities and allow students to further explore during practical lessons.

A huge thank you to the friends of Sutton School for sponsoring our beautiful new resource. Much much love!