Pool Wars

When we woke up this morning we were very glad to see the sun was shining. Before we went for breakfast we had a very special song to sing. Today is Harry's 18th birthday :)

Once we'd all had breakfast we had a bit of time to play around the hotel.

Some of us had a go at crazy golf.


We then decided that we should spend the rest of the day by the pool. We had a lovely time playing water polo, swimming and generally enjoying the sunshine. Mr Sant had an issue with his subbed though, and found that it kept disappearing.

After lunch staff found a box of 42 water guns under a sun lounger (thanks Mr Charles) and accidentally started a water fight. Turns out some of our pupils are a very good aim!

Once we had dried off, Mr Barnes and Mr Edney-Evans took Harry for a birthday drink (of Coke).


When they got back Harry found all his friends ready to celebrate his birthday.

After dinner we took to the stage and showed the hotel guests what Sutton pupils can do.

Stefan, Sean, Tyler, Owen and birthday boy Harry did us proud.