RE Focus Day

Today has been RE focus day. We've been learning about different religions and cultures, and taking part in fun activities throughout the day.

Here's some of the activities we've enjoyed taking part in:

  • learning the origins of the different faiths

  • Learning about prayer mats and how they are used

  • lots of painting a drawing of places of faith and symbols

  • Made a banner of different religious symbols

  • learnt about the many different religion's holidays and events

  • Making Christianity stars and Nativity scenes

  • Made some Jewish Driedels and Menorahs

  • Cooked up Jewish Marriage sweets called Rugelach

  • Danced the Jewish Hava

  • Turned the music room into a Mosque

  • Made some Islamic Lanterns called Fanoos

  • Drew Islamic Mendhi designs

  • Made some chalk drawings for Diwali

  • Made up a quiz around Sikhism

  • + lots more!