PGL Day 3

This morning we have split into two groups. Group one is on the high ropes and group two are on archery. We will swop over mid morning. Some of us were brave and climbed the high wire in the wind and rain. Though some of us were not so brave!
Archery and problem solving in the afternoon. Kids are behaving really well, little superstars so far!
The girls have won the best kept bedroom, though I think they might have bribed the group leader Tash with sweets! But now there's none left... must stock up on more next shop we see!

Mr Charles came to vist and stayed for tea.

Night time fun taking pictures and solving clues with the Ipads.

Tomorrow we are quadbiking and after lunch I think the kids are planning on throwing the teachers into the lake - amoungst the raft building. Can't wait for that!