Adventure Week 2016

Written by Owais, Lucy, Trinity, Owen, Callum, Bradley, Declan and Tyler


On Monday we learned about Robin Hood the outlaw and his merry men. We also learned about his companions, his love life and his enemy’s and how he lived off the land. We watch some films relating to Robin Hood in the late morning. We did some activities to do with nature in the afternoon including leaf imprints, colouring and leaf paintings.


Tuesday was the day when we went to Sherwood Forest we spent two hours on the road to get there to visit the legend’s hideout! When we got there we had lunch and then we went out on a scavenger hunt. On our way we visited the famous Major Oak held together by scaffolding. We then retired back to the souvenir shop and some of us got some weapons, most notably the bow. Then we left Nottinghamshire to go back to school.


On Wednesday we did some dancing about Robin Hood and we had to lift up Tyler. We had to make shapes with our body for the dance. We did three dances one was called salt and pepper. While one group was dancing, we learned to build the tents and then we played in them it was fun.

In the afternoon we did I'm a Celebrity get me out here. The challenges were

  • · Making a mummy
  •  Designing an outfit out of recycling
  •  putting our hands in boxes full of horrible stuff to find stars
  • building the biggest tower of cards


On Thursday we went to Baggeridge and when we arrived we put on some camouflage on our faces. A ranger then came to inform us what we could consume and what not to. We also learned about what plants make medicines and soups. Then we built wooden shelters, decorated the interior and discovered how to make a fire using sticks. We had lunch and then we enjoyed ourselves on the field playing football and rolling down hills using many techniques. We then went back to school after enjoying the day.


It was last day of learning about Robin Hood and we did some Arts and Crafts and had a BBQ for lunch. We made an amazing collage of a tree out of all the photos from our week.

The pupils had a great week doing activities.

Thank You