Trips away!

The PGL Group have now departed and are enroute for a PGL adventure on the Isle of Wight. They are currently on the motorway heading down to Portsmouth where they will take a ferry across to the Island and then a short journey to their destination at the PGL Campus.

More blogs to follow.

The Liverpool group have now departed and are now at Baggeridge Park where they will be joined by the local rangers, participate in group activites and explore the local area.

The seaside adventure trippers are currently on route to Bangor (Wales). These sun seekers will be exploring the welsh coastline, seeing amazing scenery and exploring the local attractions. Beach Towel, Sun Tan Lotion and Sun Glasses on standby.

The week day trippers are now at the Red House Cone. Today they will be learning about the making of glass, the history of glass production in the Black Country and see some of the amazing local crystal glass. 

The Animal Experience Trippers are at Dudley Zoo today where they will see a wide range of different animals. Meet the zoo keepers and take a step on the wild side at the educational activity centre.