Seaside Trip - Day 3

Good Morning everyone!

Wednesday (Day 3)

Birthday Boy - This morning Tremaine became a teenager. The celebration started with cake, song, a card and presents.

Catching crustaceans - Off to the pier at Beaumaris for a spot of 'crab fishing'. We bought crab nets and bait, smelly. We were given a free box of biscuits to celebrate Tremaine's Birthday (generous folk in Beaumaris). Then - look at the pictures, they say it all.

The Boat Ride to Puffin Island - All on board for the boat trip. Glorious weather and a cooling sea spray.

Life's a beach - Suntan lotion, paddling, playing in the sand and relaxing.

Fish and Chips and Aerial Bombardment - There is no better way to eat fish and chips. Both humans and seagulls agree.

Mrs Duckworth continues to demonstrate her creativity!