Seaside Trip - Day 4

Seaside Day 4 Thursday

Not so Happy Valley

We arrived in good time after having a hearty breakfast. Only to find the the toboggan slide was closed for emergency repairs.  Somewhat disappointed we headed for the cable cars and they had stopped operating due to high winds. Determined to make the most of the day the resilient Sutton pupils and staff walked to Llandudno Pier.

 Llandudno Pier

Opened in 1886 and 700m long! We had a leisurely walk along the pier, played games, ate rock and spent money, on what seemed at the time,  irresistible items.

Llandudno Tram and The Great Orme

We marched to the tram, arriving just before 40 primary school pupils. To our joy the tram was working and 20 minutes later we reached the summit of the Orme. It was, indeed, windy. Ice creams, drinks and making the most of the Great Orme activities we made our way back down to the beach.


Life's Two Beaches

More paddling and skimming stones.