Menorca Day 4 #parenthub

Yes folks, it’s that time of the night again, so settle down to a little read of what’s been going on today in Menorca. Pull up a sofa, grab a cuppa and maybe a few hobnobs and read on.

The weather here continues to be good, a little cooler here today after a sprinkle of rain and a rumble of thunder or two throughout the night, nothing a Sutton Residential can’t cope with. Breakfast was the usual affair (see what I did? I skipped it as I’ve already told you all you need to know about beans, various egg types and pastries to tempt even the most ardent healthy breakfaster - Is that even a word? If not, it should be).

We started a little earlier today because we were going to the zoo, zoo, zoo and you can come to. Well, no you can’t but you can look at the small handful of photos we took. Now, Spanish Zoos are an interesting breed of animal sanctuary where by the animals are generally allowed to roam free, this makes for some interesting situations. Last time we visited we had an emu bite Mr Charles, and yes, the emu was still here and was a little disappointed that he wasn’t going to have another little taste of him. Do not fret readers, our tradition of a member of staff getting nipped or bitten by an animal was firmly maintained when a goat took a liking to Mrs Baker’s derrière and gave her a little nibble.

The lemurs were as usual very comedic and much singing of ‘I Like to Move It’ was heard. ‘King Julian’ was on top form as he jumped from shoulder to head to backpack, did some posing for photos and then raced of to have his dinner of nibbles.

There was a new splashpad here, which looked very much fun. Some pupils decided to have a go fully clothed, well done RA. The snakes and reptiles made another appearance, always a favourite unless you get ’wet’ on by the lizard and squashed by the massive snake. Oddly both of our SLT have an unfounded fear of snakes so Mr Curnow ‘had something to do’ as we passed around the snakes of various sizes.

Hammocks proved a slight distraction as we headed back to the coach and to catch the birds of prey display where some of our pupils faced certain doom as a small baby African Owl flew to them and landed on their glove shod hands.

A quick visit to the shop and group photo later and we were on our way to Mahon, the main town of the island. Walking the streets which led ever downwards to the port saw the pupils dipping in and out of toy shops and probably handbag and shoe shops. The port is a popular destination for cruise ships and the Club Med 2 looked resplendent at her birth, as did the millionaire cruisers moored right next to the restaurant we commandeered ‘2 Jays of London’ and ‘Chocolat’ were their again. The pupils picked their own food from the menu and tucked into some top-quality nosh. Mr Curnow continued to talk about boats. We nodded and smiled to keep him happy.

Soon enough it was time to head back to our hotel, stopping off at Monte Toro, a mountain top monastery and taking in the spectacular views and visiting the shop. We even managed to have a walk inside where you have to be really quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Amazing!

We must thank Sally for helping us organise today (and pretty much the whole week), our Menorcan Brit who is appreciated more than she could ever know.

I’ll leave you with a nice little story of a Gentleman staying at our hotel who was on the boat cruise from yesterday, remember that? Of course you do. Well, he is involved with adults with needs and commended us and what we were doing, an offer of drinks for everyone was politely refused which resulted in him getting 20 Euros out and insisting we spend it on the children. How bloomin’ nice is that? It Makes it all worth while when you get a pat on the back for doing something you love for people you care about. Winner!