Menorca Day 6 #parenthub

Mission Commencement: 0830 hrs local time. Target: Breakfast buffet. After Action Report: All targets consumed, including some rather odd choices for breakfast, including no typical breakfast choices at all (ie: Pastries and cake). The team member was spoken to regarding ‘daft’ choices and instructed to eat more productively next time. Mission Assessment: Success.

Our next assignment involved a tactical advance down to the port once more in order to secure our objective. We added a secondary objective en-route, that being to liberate several buckets, spades and balls from captivity at the local Supermarcado. Our primary objective remained to occupy a defensible position upon the beach. From there observe the enemy (the fish in the sea, mosquitos and wasps) and conduct a ‘reconnaissance in force’ into the upper shallows (otherwise known as having a little paddle and a swim). We were to hold this position until relieved.

We encountered little resistance and soon had abase of operations constructed from what seemed like abandoned stacks of beech chairs (used as a wind break, as the other beach users were doing). From our holdfast we observed many team members paddling, smiling, sitting, digging and throwing. The team appeared happy and in good spirits.

We encountered a minor incursion into our perimeter when two Spanish men looking very annoyed entered the beach area and began moving the ‘wind breaks’ from every one’s camp on the beech and putting them into nice little rows. There was much displeasure shown on the faces of our fellow beech goers. This did not dampen our spirits and strengthened our resolve to see out the remainder of the morning having a jolly good time.

We completed our mission at 1300hrs and extracted safely on foot to our hotel, where we ate dinner before relocating our assets once more to the poolside, where much splashing, giggling and good old messing about was experienced.

The weather did not hinder our expedition in any way and was much more conducive to a productive operation. Tomorrows weather report, according to sources is even more promising. This is a good sign since we are headed to the best beach on the island, Cala Galdana.

As I write we are readying ourselves for another assault on the restaurant.

There are a few pictures from last night that didn’t make it into yesterday’s despatches and are included for the sake of completeness. We would also like to report a few more positive comments from others staying at the hotel including ‘they are so well behaved and well mannered.’ We corroborated this story and the gentleman was in fact referring to the correct group of children, we should never have doubted as our team has shown themselves to be a credit to the school.