Dudley Christmas Activities & Events #parenthub

Dear all

Christmas is fast approaching and there are lots of activities taking place around Dudley. To see what activities are available Click Here.

Also, Dudley Leisure Centre’s are once again offering the festive fitness membership offer which is available now till the 31 January 2019. Information about this can be found on the link below.


All of this information is also on the Dudley website which is kept up to date on a regular basis and when you access the site, if you click on the ‘Events – what’s on’ section, the information will be on there. I have created a ‘Search for Santa 2018’ section where information on where Santa will be appearing can be found. Any further activities and events we hear about for christmas and throughout the year will be uploaded onto our directory, so it’s always worth checking this out on a regular basis.


Happy Christmas Everyone!