Seaside Adventure Day 1 & 2 #parenthub

Gone Fishing

We travelled to Dale Fisheries and were treated to three hours of fishing guided by expert volunteers who were willing to give advice and listen to very chatty Sutton adventurers. The event was enable by The Masonic Fishing Charity.

The scene after the feast and the presentation of medals and certificates. I mentioned on Parent Hub about the quantity of food ‘enough to sink the Titanic’ (more of this reference later). Please note that whilst the pride of the fish was dented, all fish were returned to the pond unharmed.

Llandudno here we come.  

We returned to our favourite beach and …

built standing stones

Rescued an anchor. We’ll return this to the home of all anchors.

We thought about paddling

We marched to paddle and … then we paddled until it was time to go.

We laughed and …. we spent and spent our money on the pier.

Tomorrow we are off to Greenwood Forest Park.