Seaside Adventure Wednesday extra #parenthub

The blog we sent earlier was restricted due to Wi-Fi issues in the Greenwood Forest Park. We are now back in our accommodation after having a full day at the park and a fish and chip supper. During the day we collected a comment from each pupil about their thoughts on the trip so far. Here they are:

  • "We  had a marvellous day at Greenwood Forest Park. We enjoyed the Dragon Coaster, the slippery slide and the boats." VC
  • "Greenwood Park has fun adventures." LR
  • "Jelly fish are scary." LB
  • "Winkle, winkle in your shell ... TE is writing a poem
  • "I liked racing on the peddle carts." VM
  • "I found an anchor and wondered where it came from." AE
  • "The roller coaster was the most thrilling sight I've ever had" DC
  • "The trip is wonderful" TPS
  • "The boat ride was funny because we argued about who was doing what. It was so funny." TM
  • "I wish we could have stayed fishing all day" TB
  • "My room is massive but the bed is squeaky" JW
  • "I escape to my room. Peace" EE
  • "I've enjoyed chilling with my friends." DDH