Menorca Day 1 #parenthub

Jetting 2 Menorca. Coach arrived on time...check. Flight on time...check. Landing a bit bumpy...check. Passport first to get through competition won by not Mr Sant and Mr Curnow's group...check. Sally met, greeted...check. Lovely scenic coach transfer...check. Arrived in time for lunch...check... in fact there were a lot of checks today. Experiencing an all you can eat buffet, making questionable decisions with pocket money purchases, minor fall outs solved and patched up. Smiles seen on all children's faces. Inflatable acquired. Dinner well and truly eaten. After dinner walk commenced and completed. Seaside port visited. Pool swam in. Slushies consumed. Beds now filled with very tired children. Mr Curnow seen floating on inflatable. A good day of checks not in any particular order. One tired blogger.. Enjoy the photos.