Menorca Day 2 #parenthub

Oh what a lovely restful sleep we had to recover from our day one non stop awesomeness. Early to rise, quick into breakfast where much confusion abounded when we played the game ‘try to translate the Spanish labels and identify the food’. Regardless of whether we knew what we were eating it is clear to say the Miranda Garden has really upped it’s game over the last couple of years and the food is even better than it was before, and it was good before, so I suppose in the language of Ofsted, it is Outstanding. Yum yum yummity yum. After a hearty breakfast we departed on our air-conditioned coach for the super long journey of approximately 25 minutes to the wonderfully charming town of Ciutadella de Menorca. A rich and cultural town with twisty little streets, elegant boutiques and more then enough ice cream dispensers and handbag shops to keep the pupil’s and Mrs Baker more than happy. We did, however walk until our feet almost fell off. The churches, the art gallery, the smelly fish market, the picturesque harbour and a couple of toy shops later we returned to our base. A quick change and off to the pool to do some more splash and mess about, while being supplied and hydrated at the ‘drink as much pop as you can while my carers or parents aren’t here' poolside bar. A short imparting of advice to the children followed involving explaining the damage sugary drinks can do to one’s teeth. I have a feeling the children nodded and smiled and continued anyway. The weather has so far been brilliant, with today no exception. I also have a feeling everyone will be filling up at dinner tonight, energy has been expended and needs to be replaced. In adition, we had an early night last night so we should catch the childrens entertainments tonight..Yippee..

So, signing off now at a sensible time of day, enjoy the photographs. There will be many more pictures available upon return but we cannot post all publicly due to permissions.

Don’t mention the R word….. for those of you checking the weather.