Menorca Day 3 #parenthub

Some say that Sunday shall be a day of rest. Some say that day follows night (that one’s actually true, honest). Some say that you shouldn’t re-boil water in a kettle for tea. On a Sutton residential we say ‘No!’, Sunday shall be a bloomin’ banging day of super action and excitement, and we don’t really care about the other two. So here we go folks, a massive day of photographic goodness to feast your mince pies on (that’s Cockney rhyming slang for eyes I think).

So, without further ado or dilly-dallying around let us describe this momentously interesting and educational day. The day began with a customary cloudless sky, the early birds twittering in the trees, the cleaners doing their ‘thing’ and Mr Sant destroying the peace by gently awakening the troops (the pupils, we don’t have any soldiers) by banging on their doors and stating that breakfast is imminent and that if you don’t hurry up, Mr Kelly will eat it all. Bleary eyed, and believing that their breakfasts were in real danger of being devoured, our stars attended and consumed the usual morning feast of masses of beans, toast, and probably more beans, some had some eggs too, and there’s a rumour that fruit was even eaten, although this cannot be confirmed.

I’ve already mentioned today being a full-on day (however tomorrow is even more full-on, you’ll have to wait for that report as I’m keeping it a bit of secret because I can hardly contain my own excitement, and I don’t want to over excite you, my lovely readers) and this was proved by all hitting the poolside and having a jolly good morning swim and a well-managed minor water fight.

We then partook of burgers and hot dogs from the poolside bar. There was a slight delay when the barman and chef had a moment of confusion as Mrs Baker hit them with an order for 21 burgers and hot dogs. All was well when the barman wrote down the numbers to confirm his disbelief, that being a 2 and a 1 to confirm his suspicions that he and the chef would have to ‘get their skates on’ to get the fodder ready. This was quickly eaten, and set us up for our afternoon jaunt in a rather lovely boat.

Arriving at the port, and disapproving stares from the waiting punters who watched as the captain graciously let our team board ‘Amigo’ (good name) first and thus, ‘nick’ all the upstairs seats, we were ready for the off.

An education in the coastal history of this part of the island followed as the ‘cap’ took us in close to hidden coves, idyllic beaches and smugglers caves. Eventually we arrived at our ‘get to only by boat and foot’ beach where we got a bit wet, sandy and all the other things related to ‘having a quick dip’.

The weather again was amazing, the sea calm and no-one suffered from any wobbly tummies. We passed a few nice ‘floaty things’ that Mr Curnow tried to educate us on and quickly lost us in tales of rigging, yard arms and ‘those balloons that go over the edge to stop boats bumping into each other’. We did however pass the boat owned by the man who owns Mango clothing, a ‘stealth black’ 180 foot long sailing dingy, look it up I think it was called the Nirvana, and priced quite reasonably at 30 million bucks.

A picturesque trip back into the sunset, beneath clear skies criss-crossed by the vapour trails of airliners heading hither and thither and tapping our feet to the sound of ‘Sunny Afternoon’ just iced a great day.

As I look out of my window I see the pupils mustering for dinner… I’m sure we’ll all fill our tummies tonight and await what tomorrow brings, which you my friends, will just have to wait for. Enjoy the pictures.

Oh, and one more thing (waggles finger ‘Collumbo style’). Those long faces when we boarded the boat? Well they turned to smiles and congratulations on the behaviour of our children by the end of the voyage. Our kids are stars.