Seaside Adventure - Day 2... #parenhub

Seaside Adventure Day 2 2019…

The day started with a hearty breakfast. We arrived at King Arthur’s Labyrinth in plenty in time to look around some exotic shops. The labyrinth is a disused slate mine and it did not disappoint. We put on hard hats and travelled on a boat into the mountain. We were guided though the maze of tunnels and were told the stories and legends associated with King Arthur.

After the cold dark tunnels of King Arthur’s Labyrinth we drove to Aberdovey (Aber: estuary, Dovey: the river Dovey). Sea, sun and jelly fish. We sun bathed, paddled and had an amazing lunch. We took over Medina’s Coffee House. Then crab fishing. We caught enough crabs to supply Rick Stein’s restaurant. The crabs were later returned to the sea. Their pride was dented but I’m confident that no crabs were harmed in the process.

We ended the day eating fish and chips overlooking the estuary.

Photo of Aberdovey - Taken by Mackenzie.