Ready..... Steady...... Science!


Sutton School & Specialist College unveil their brand new science labs in spectacular fashion. Special guest councilor Ian Cooper came to snip the red ribbon and officially declare it open to students an teachers. The new science labs include adjustable work surfaces, state of the art technology and more facilities and potions than Hogwarts. Get ready students.... its time to experiment!

Fine dining

This morning after breakfast we got on the coach and headed to Mahon. We spent some time looking around the zoo. Some of us were brave and held a snake.

We also got to watch some birds of prey. Thanks to Mrs Baker we won the competition and got to have our photo taken with Anyon the African Eagle Owl.


We then headed into Mahon where we did a spot of shopping and sight seeing before we went to a restaurant for lunch.

After such a busy day we are spending the evening relaxing at the hotel.

Year 11 Prom

After five years at Sutton it is time to wave good bye to year 11.DSC_0012 DSC_0010 But we couldn't let them go without a proper send off. On Thursday the hall was transformed into a scene from Hollywood ready for the prom in the evening.

Everyone had a fantastic evening, enjoying dancing, food and even dressing up!

Thank you to all staff who helped organise the evening, and thank you to years 10 and 11 for coming and having so much fun.

Goodye year 11 and good luck in the future!

(Remember to come back and visit us occasionally!)