school trips

Peter Pan

Today we set off for Wolverhampton Neverland for a day at the Panto. We were all very excited, and most of us managed not to eat our packed lunch before we arrived.

The show was a lot of fun. Everyone joined in with the "boooooos" when Captain Hook appeared. And we helped Peter Pan find the crocodile. One of the most spectacular parts was when the Chuckle Brothers flew their car over the audience. Mrs Hawes is trying to work out how we can do this in one of our shows...

One of our favourite bits was when a couple of familiar faces appeared on stage. There were some extra loud cheers for the Three Bears...

Black Country Museum

Today the whole school had an exciting day out at the Black Country Museum. Pupils were able to experience school as it would have been in 1912, and what it would have been like to work down a coal mine.

Pupils and staff had fun talking to people in the houses and shops, who explained to us what life would have been like in the Olden Days.

There were also opportunities to try Victorian games like the hoop, skipping and hopscotch. Even some of the teachers had a go.

A great day was had by all.

Ain't no mountain high enough!


Today students from classbased reached new heights as they went on a school trip to explore the Clent hills. The weather was a little damp under foot but the views from the top were amazing. Everyone had a fantastic time and learnt a lot as they trekked across rough terrain exploring the vast hillside.

Homeward bound

After a very stormy night we have had a very early breakfast. We were entertained by the men lifting sun beds and parasols out of the pool :/ It's 8.10 Menorcan time and we have just left the hotel. The sun is coming up and the wind had died down, so hopefully the homeward journey will go smoothly.

We'll keep you posted about our progress.

See you later!


UPDATE: It's 11.02 Menorcan time. We're through security and should be boarding shortly. See you soon!!

UPDATE: 11.34 Menorcan time. We've just boarded and are excited to be on our way home :)

UPDATE: 13.15 English time. We've just landed after a very pleasant flight. Time to find our suitcases and get on the coach.

UPDATE: 14.15 English time. We're on the coach and setting off for school. Our ETA is 3pm. See you very soon!

UPDATE: 14.45 Traffic is awful but should be back between 3.15 and 3.30pm.

UPDATE: 15.40 Look out for us any minute now!



This morning we had a shock as we woke up to torrential rain. No pool day for us then. Instead we spent the morning relaxing in the hotel watching a film and playing games.

After lunch the sun came out (yay) so we went down to the port and bought some last minute souvenirs.

Just as we were going for dinner the rain came back, this time accompanied by strong winds. It was quite exciting to watch from the safety of the hotel!

After dinner we enjoyed dancing to pur favourite songs. Most of the teachers even joined in with Chi Chi Wa.

Before we went to bed the hotel staff gave all the children a medal for being brilliant all week.


We are sailing

At breakfast we had a special message for our newest teenager, Holly. image

After breakfast we got ready and headed to the port. We boarded our boat "Amigo" and set sail.

We were able to see the beautiful Menorcan coast before getting off for a swim in the sea. Some of us were able to slide off the boat into the sea.

It was soon time to get back on board and head for a cave. We jumped off the boat and had a swim. Mr Percival swam right to the back of the cave and found a beach in the dark.


Soon it was time to set sail for home.

After lunch we had fun in the pool and had a go at archery. Mr Charles won, Mr Percival was second. Unfortunately Mr Sant didn't come third.


We had a surprise for Holly too.









Drayton Manor Trip!!!

At the end of curriculum enrichment week, the whole school visited Drayton Manor Park. The weather was fantastic and we couldn't have asked for a better day.

Despite the good weather some pupils and staff still managed to get soaked on some of the rides!!!!

A fantastic day was had by all pupils and staff.

Wet ride
Wet ride

London 2015

25 students traveled to London in September for a three day visit taking in some the sights and attractions the capital city has to offer. Students visited the London Eye, Madam Tussauds, The Natural History Museum, Harry Potter Studios, Wembley Stadium as well as spending an evening at the theater watching Matilda.

London Eye
London Eye

Fine dining

This morning after breakfast we got on the coach and headed to Mahon. We spent some time looking around the zoo. Some of us were brave and held a snake.

We also got to watch some birds of prey. Thanks to Mrs Baker we won the competition and got to have our photo taken with Anyon the African Eagle Owl.


We then headed into Mahon where we did a spot of shopping and sight seeing before we went to a restaurant for lunch.

After such a busy day we are spending the evening relaxing at the hotel.

Teachers strike back

This morning we had a bit of a lie in before heading to the pool for the day. We played volleyball and water polo before the water guns made an appearance again.

After dinner we headed to the port at Calan Bosch for a spot of shopping.


Once we got back it was straight to bed because we have a busy day tomorrow.

Shop til you drop

This morning we got up early and headed to Ciutadella. We spent the day shopping and taking in the sights around the beautiful old town.

Mr Sant spent his birthday giving his group a fascinating tour of the old town.


When we got back to the hotel there was just time to have a swim before dinner.



Pool Wars

When we woke up this morning we were very glad to see the sun was shining. Before we went for breakfast we had a very special song to sing. Today is Harry's 18th birthday :)

Once we'd all had breakfast we had a bit of time to play around the hotel.

Some of us had a go at crazy golf.


We then decided that we should spend the rest of the day by the pool. We had a lovely time playing water polo, swimming and generally enjoying the sunshine. Mr Sant had an issue with his subbed though, and found that it kept disappearing.

After lunch staff found a box of 42 water guns under a sun lounger (thanks Mr Charles) and accidentally started a water fight. Turns out some of our pupils are a very good aim!

Once we had dried off, Mr Barnes and Mr Edney-Evans took Harry for a birthday drink (of Coke).


When they got back Harry found all his friends ready to celebrate his birthday.

After dinner we took to the stage and showed the hotel guests what Sutton pupils can do.

Stefan, Sean, Tyler, Owen and birthday boy Harry did us proud.





Oh we do like to be beside the seaside

After a good night's sleep, we woke up to a glorious blue sky. Once everyone had had breakfast we got on the coach and headed the beach at Cala Galdana.

At lunch time we went to a restaurant for lunch, then had fun on the water slides.

Quote of the day: "Miss, is there water on the water slides?"

PS: the children are loving your messages, so please keep them coming!



Warwick Castle!!

It's the start of our curriculum enrichment week, the whole school visited Warwick Castle, despite the weather we had a grand day out. We were able to enjoy and look around the grand hall, which was absolutely amazing. Some of the more daring of us walked the ramparts all 532 steps!! We saw the birds of prey show and the bowman show. Mrs Ralphs and Mrs Tombs visited the castle dungeon, we heard the screams outside!  


On our way...

After arriving at school very very early we set off for Birmingham airport. We got through check in and security very quickly only to discover that our flight has been delayed for two hours. Everyone has busied themselves finding food for breakfast and watching the planes. We should hopefully be taking off about 9am and landing is estimated to be 11.57 (Spanish time).

We 're all ready to find the sunshine!

Update: it's 13:38 and we're on the bus on our way to the hotel. Everyone is very happy, if a little tired. It's currently raining, but we're hoping the sun will come out later.