Creative Media

Pupils taking a Creative Media course will study some of the following modules.


Unit 1 – Developing Creative Media Skills

Pupils will explore the use of a variety of types of media techniques and technology. They will work as a team to plan, record and present a simple media product and evaluate their own work.


Unit 2 – Desktop Publishing

Pupils will use desktop publishing software to combine and manipulate text, image and graphic elements in layouts appropriate for publication to screen or in print.

Pupils will use a range of basic desktop publishing software tools and functions to produce publications such as invitations, posters, menus and greetings cards. In designing and creating their publications pupils will develop an understanding of standard layout and formatting techniques.


Unit 3 – Using the internet

The internet is part of modern life. Pupils will discuss the uses of the internet in modern life. They will learn how to use browser tools that will help to speed up their use of the internet. The final part of this unit deals with how to use the internet safely and securely, introducing relevant laws, guidelines and procedures.


Unit 4 – Creating Images Digitally

Pupils will have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed to produce digital images. They will use a variety of hardware to capture images. Pupils will also create and edit images digitally in a variety of formats for different uses and be able to comment on their own work.


Unit 7 – Developing Video Products

Pupils will gain the knowledge of the basic techniques and technology of video production and the skills required. After an initial investigation of video production techniques pupils will work through the three stages of pre-production, production and post-production, to produce a video product. Pupils will be encouraged to work as part of a team.


Unit 8 – Exploring Digital Photography

Pupils are given an introduction to digital photography have the opportunity to explore basic techniques, equipment and materials in order to produce digital photographs. They will choose a theme and produce some images around this.


Unit 9 – Developing Animation

Pupils are given an introduction to animation. It aims to develop pupils’ knowledge of animation styles and techniques and to enable them to develop basic skills for animation techniques.


Unit 10 - Developing Audio Production

Pupils develop a basic knowledge of different audio products, sound recording techniques and technology and the skills to enable them to produce an audio product.


Unit 18 – Working in a Team

Pupils are encouraged to work in a team in order to understand what an effective member of a team is. Pupils will identify the skills, roles and responsibilities needed to complete the team task and match their skills accordingly. They will take part in team tasks and review their contribution.