As part of Sutton’s Inclusion provision, students who are highlighted as ‘gifted and talented’ for English and Mathematics are given the fantastic opportunity to attend these core subjects at our neighbouring mainstream secondary school Holly Hall Academy.

This provision has been in place for ten years and has always been very successful; having had students achieve very impressive G.C.S.E grades. It allows students to access Maths and English in a mainstream setting, quite often in one of the top set teaching groups, along with mainstream peers. The two schools have a very positive relationship, with efficient communication and accommodating staff and students.

For our students who take advantage of this programme it has proved to have been extremely beneficial, both academically and socially. The Inclusion Team encourage the development of independent skills in preparation for further education.

The identification of students who enrol on this programme stems from a variety of sources including referrals from English and Mathematics Faculty leaders, Key Stage 2 data, progress data and any other relevant agencies who may be linked to the pupil. It is a decision that is finalised by the Senior Leadership Team at Sutton.

During the full course of inclusion, students are escorted to and from Holly Hall and supported in lessons at Holly Hall by Sutton staff. Their progress and data is consistently monitored and communicated with relevant Sutton staff and each lesson is logged for content, support given and quality of work.