English and literacy skills are central to learning and progress across the curriculum.  The teachers within the faculty bring a range of specialisms and experience which enable them to deliver the best quality of education to students across all ages and abilities. The main aim is to give every student the opportunity to achieve their potential: supporting their individual needs and encouraging them; encouraging independent learning where possible and developing the ability to transfer skills across the curriculum.



At Sutton School and Specialist College pupils learn about History through a range of exciting topics and projects as part of a creative and inclusive curriculum. Pupils can experience moments in history through virtual reality software and gain knowledge of important historical changes over time through enquiry, research and role play. Learning offers cross-curricular opportunities such as literacy and performing arts.



At Sutton School pupils learn about all aspects of geography through a range of topics such as climate change, weather, travel, extreme environments and rain-forests. Pupils gain knowledge of our planet through research, investigation and practical activities. Key skills are taught such as map reading, case studies, understanding graphs and charts and experiments. Knowledge is developed together with cross-curricular learning such as numeracy and science.


Religious Studies

Religious studies is taught on a subject focus day; the timetable is collapsed and all students are given the opportunity to find out about aspects of stories, traditions, festivals and places of worship across a range of different religions and worldviews. 


Modern Foreign Languages

Languages are taught in ‘Activities Week’ each year, when the timetable is collapsed and all students learn a Modern Foreign Language through a range of hands-on activities.