The mathematics curriculum is broad, balanced, relevant and challenging. The curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and includes modifications to make it accessible to all pupils.

Monitoring and assessment of pupils’ work takes place continuously to enable pupils to follow a mathematics pathway that meets their needs. This process starts in year 7 when pupils first enter Sutton School. Pupils are grouped according to their ability.

In years 7 and 8 pupils follow the Kangaroo mathematics scheme at the stage appropriate to their ability. In year 9 pupils embark upon a Functional Skills mathematics course which is ‘designed to give learners the skills to operate confidently, effectively and independently in education, work and everyday life’. More academically able pupils study Edexcel GCSE Mathematics (9 – 1).

At Sutton we are beginning to develop a programme of 'Mathematics Mastery' into our teaching curriculum. Here we aim to deepen pupils’ conceptual understanding of key mathematical concepts, placing greater emphasis on problem solving and on encouraging mathematical thinking. 

Please CLICK HERE for our Mathematics Long Term Plan 2018-19.