The maths curriculum is broad, balanced, relevant and challenging. It meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and includes modifications to make it accessible to all pupils.

Monitoring and assessment of pupils work takes place continuously so that students follow a maths pathway that meets their needs. This process starts at year 7 when students first enter Sutton. They are assessed and grouped according to their ability.

Students follow the Kangaroo maths scheme at the stage appropriate to their ability. They progress through this scheme until they are ready to enter either, the AQA entry level mathematics qualification pathway or for the more able students to move to the EdExcel GCSE qualification pathway. Some students who successfully complete the AQA Entry level scheme, will be allowed to enter the EdExcel GCSE pathway thus enabling them to achieve two formal maths qualifications.

ICT is used as a tool in working towards learning objectives. At Sutton all our students use the online Maths-Whizz which is an online virtual maths tutor that caters to the child's unique ability, helping them reach their true potential and preparing them for success in school. As a highly successful intervention tool, it adapts to students in need of intervention or enrichment. Its ability to adapt to individual learning needs also makes it ideal for challenging gifted and talented students and progressing their learning.