Accidents and Illness

We ask every parent or guardian of a child just starting at Sutton School to help us by filling in a medical questionnaire which includes emergency contact numbers and information about any medical condition that a child may have and about which we need to know.

School Nurse

The School Nurse who is based at Cross Street Clinic (telephone 01384 459000) visits school on a regular basis and is available for pupils to have an informal chat.


Pupils may bring medication into school whether it be for long or short term usage. However, we do require parents to make a written request should this be necessary.

Though we are able to provide supervision and a place for pupils taking medication, the child is responsible for taking the correct dosage. Staff cannot be held accountable for giving medication to the child.

If a child is not capable of taking the correct dosage then they should remain at home until the course of treatment is complete.

Medicines must be supplied with their original labels to ensure the correct dosage.

Asthmatic pupils must keep an inhaler in school at all times.

Please telephone the school if you have any concerns.