Mission Statement and School Aims

“To create a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment that prepares our pupils to go out into the world and realise their full potential”

The School’s aims are:

To recognise that each pupil is an individual and that all pupils are creative and need to succeed.

To provide our pupils with a world class education that prepares them to become independent and responsible citizens in the 21st century.

To give the pupils the necessary skills, knowledge and experiences so that when they leave school they have the necessary level of independence so that they can run a home and hold down a job.

To provide our pupils with a positive educational experience so that they feel confident to embrace lifelong learning

To promote British and Co-operative Values and attitudes of care, tolerance, trust and respect within the school and wider communities.

To ensure excellence in teaching and learning within a high quality learning environment, through leadership and within all aspects of school life.