In construction pupils will cover four units of work. The skills the pupils will acquire will enable them to put into good practice later on in life. Below are the units they will complete and a description of what skills they can acquire.


Life Skills

Students in Life Skills lessons are encouraged to develop their independence when completing tasks relating to the world outside of school. Students take part in practical workshops that mimic real life situations providing evidence in individual portfolio’s that can be taken with them and used as a handbook when they leave school.


Fashion & Textiles

In Year 9, 10 & 11 pupils are given the option to complete an ABC Award in Fashion and Textiles. During this module pupils get the chance to practice their designing, printing, sewing and making skills.


Hair & Beauty

Students taking the Hair and Beauty option have the opportunity to develop their understanding and knowledge of the Hair and Beauty industry. Students complete a set of assignments relating to aspects of the industry that cover such topics as basic make up, hair styling and nail art.


Land Based Studies

Pupils will study 5 units of work based around Horticulture. This is a very practical based course and can lead to either a Level 1 or Entry level qualification. The unit focus on introducing pupils to the skills required for basic horticulture.


Sport & Active Leisure

The BTEC Sport and Active Leisure module allows students who have an interest in sport and Physical Education to gain a qualification as well as broaden their subject knowledge. Topics covered include health and fitness, working in the Leisure industry, improving sporting performance and how the body works.


Physical Education

Students take part in Physical Education lessons for one double lesson per week. Currently Students have the opportunity to study BTEC Sport and Leisure in years 10 and 11.


Public Services

In Public Services students learn about the variety of public services provided and the vital role they play in the community. They also learn vital skills for finding a job such as job search, job application and interview techniques.