Reporting to Parents and Carers

Your child will have an EHCP (Education Health Care Plan) that is maintained by the Local Authority.  Every year, after consultation with all parents concerned, the school provides parents and guardians with a report on their child’s progress, and makes a recommendation about whether to keep the plan or whether to alter it in some way.

Parents and Guardians of pupils in years 7-9 are invited to Annual Reviews towards the end of each academic year.  Parents in Key Stage 4 are invited to additional progress meetings midway through each academic year.

We hold Parents’ Evenings in the first half of the Autumn Term and early in the Spring Term.  This gives parents and guardians the opportunity to meet staff involved with their child.  If for any reason, the timing of a particular Parents’ Evening is convenient, please let us know and we will gladly arrange an alternative individual appointment.

We endeavour to keep our parents informed of developments within school through the website and School Policies are available for parents to see should they wish.