Pastoral Management

At Sutton school we believe that pupils should learn in a happy and safe environment. This will have a positive impact on their school achievements and help in fulfilling personal potential. The objective of the behaviour policy is to promote all positive aspects of behaviour of our pupils.

As a school we work together and believe a whole school approach is crucial. The aim is to have a common and consistent approach to behaviour management by all staff, which in turn help all pupils to take responsibility for controlling and managing their behaviour.

There are three main elements to the behaviour management plan:

  • Rules

  • Positive reinforcement - Rewards

  • Consequences

Our commitment to you:

  • To establish good relationships through mutual respect and consideration for others in a stable, happy, tolerant and well ordered community.

  • To prepare pupils for life in our multicultural society and build upon the strengths of cultural diversity.

  • To provide a framework of challenging opportunities designed to recognise and develop potential of all pupils regardless of race or gender.

  • To encourage pupils to be active in the learning process.

  • To make school an enjoyable and stimulating workshop which values hard work, determination and fun.

  • To provide courses appropriate to pupils’ needs and to bring young people into realistic and satisfying contact with the outside world.

  • To encourage, through the curriculum, social and moral values and standards for healthy living.

  • To develop personal and social skills, enhance self confidence and self esteem.

  • To provide opportunities for team work and encouragement of the development of strengths and coming to terms with weaknesses.

  • To prepare pupils to make purposeful use of leisure.

  • To provide a continuous process of staff development.

  • To provide a clearly defined and supportive system of pastoral care.

  • To provide opportunities for pupils to experience the curriculum in a variety of educational settings.

  • All adults at Sutton School & Specialist College are working towards ensuring that pupils can be safe and can learn.


Your comittment to us:

Set out below are our expectations of all who work in Sutton School & Specialist College:

To achieve this we expect all pupils to follow instructions.

To talk to adults with respect this includes:

  • No foul language.

  • To use please/thank you’s etc as appropriate.

  • To listen.

  • To speak and not to shout.

  • To care about other pupils:

  • Not to hurt each other.

  • Not to speak to others in a way that will deliberately cause offence.

  • To be in the right place at the right time.


All adults will model the behaviour where appropriate and we expect pupils to reflect this behaviour.  We expect them to treat everyone in a manner that is acceptable; so that all pupils are able to work to the best of their ability.

The School has a comprehensive Behaviour Management Policy which is included as part of our whole school Pastoral Policy.  This document, along with all other pupil related policies, is reviewed annually by Governors and copies are available for parents/carers to read in school or available in the policies section of this website.

Pupils who cannot work within our expectations will be expected to sign our ‘Learning Agreement’ as set out in the Education Act 2001.  This will also be signed by the Parent/Guardians and by a Governor (on behalf of the School).


Behaviour Policy