BTEC Entry 3 Level 1 in Construction

In construction pupils will cover four units of work. The skills the pupils will acquire will enable them to put into good practice later on in life. Below are the units they will complete and a description of what skills they can acquire.

Unit 3 Developing home improvement skills

The aim of this unit is to introduce the pupils to various hand tools, materials, fixings and personal protective equipment (PPE).  This offers the pupils the opportunity develop the skills needed to make home improvements.

Wiring a plug and changing a fuse, pupils will learn how to replace a fuse and wire a plug in a real life situation using the correct tools.

Putting up a lightweight shelf. Pupils select the correct tools and PPE to complete this task they will also be introduced to power tools.  Although pupils will work independently when performing home improvement tasks they will also function as effective members of a team.

Unit 10 Health and safety and welfare in construction

The aim of this unit is to introduce the pupils to health and safety and welfare issues in construction and helps the pupils to be aware of hazards that they could come across at a place of work or in the home.

In this unit the pupil will need to demonstrate that they understand the causes of accidents.

Know about the hazards and safety signs.

How to reduce the risk of hazards

Know the different types of fire extinguisher and when to use them.

Learn about the legislation that employers, employees, self-employed need to follow.

Unit 16 Developing construction painting skills.

The aim of this unit is to introduce pupils to a different range of hand tools

In this unit pupils will need to practice preparation and painting techniques you will also be expected to keep a tidy environment and be aware of others working by you. Pupils will also be expected to seek guidance from staff and their peers to complete a job to a good standard, it is also recommended that unit 10 is completed before starting this unit.

Unit 17 Developing construction decorating skills

The aim of this unit is to introduce pupils to preparation of walls ready for wallpapering to include removal of the old wallpaper with a steamer and hand scraper, the cleaning of the work surface to enable them to replace with new wallpaper,  to measure ,cut and paste wallpaper apply it to a wall of 3m squared .

In units 3, 16, and 17’ pupils will be required to tidy up and clean tools and put them away.