Design & Technology

In key stage 3, through a variety of creative and practical activities, pupils are taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an interactive process of designing and making.

In year 7 pupils undergo a short induction program which introduces them to the workshop, tools and processes that they may use throughout their time at Sutton. A large emphasis is made on health and safety issues in the workshop.

The induction program builds on their experiences at primary school and allows the pupils to achieve a level of knowledge that enables them to move on to more demanding and challenging tasks.

It is in year 7 where pupils are encouraged to question and investigate new materials and concepts, taking ownership over a portion of their own learning and understanding.

In Year 8 pupils complete more demanding projects and also work on some units from the AQA accredited Unit Award Scheme, which has replaced the Entry Level Certificate in Product Design. This further develops the pupil’s exposure to more technical processes such as computer aided design and manufacture.

Pupils are also taught how design decisions can impact or be influenced by social and moral factors and environmental issues.


Year 7

Term 1 : Induction Project – Resistant Materials

Term 2 : Resistant Materials I

Term 3 : Graphics Skills

Term 4 : Textiles I



Year 8

Term 1 : CAD/CAM

Term 2 : Resistant Materials II

Term 3 : Resistant Materials III

Term 4 : Resistant Materials IV & Unit Award Scheme


Years 9 -11

AQA Technical Awards in Materials Technology. In Key Stage 4 pupils work towards this multifaceted and flexible outcome award during Years 9, 10 and 11. They choose a project from a number of themes provided by the exam board. The course is weighted at 60% coursework (a design folder and 3D outcome,  internally assessed and externally moderated) and 40% written exam (1 hour externally assessed).

The structure of the course follows a number of evidenced skill based mini projects followed by a more substantial project.

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