Life Skills

Students in Life Skills lessons are encouraged to develop their independence when completing tasks relating to the world outside of school. Students take part in practical workshops that mimic real life situations providing evidence in individual portfolio’s that can be taken with them and used as a handbook when they leave school.

Sutton School has been lucky enough to obtain an allotment plot in Kates Hill, Dudley. This has been invaluable in these lessons for developing new experiences for our students.

Some of the areas we cover include:

Personal Hygiene

In this topic students cover a wide range of personal hygiene tasks including; washing hands and germ analysis, brushing teeth and using disclosure tablets to show our problem areas, how to keep our body and hair clean using everyday products and how to do this safely and efficiently.


In this topic students will be shown how to manage money, budget household bills and compare prices to help them become more independent when using money.


Cooking is a huge part of Life Skills and widely enjoyed by our learners. It is a great learning platform for encouraging students to eat healthily and to learn how to plan, prepare and budget meals. This area also has cross curricular links to English, Maths and Science through reading recipes, measuring ingredients and how it all comes together with the scientific magic.

Household Tasks

The types of tasks we do in this topic mimic home life giving students skills needed for keeping a clean and tidy home. Some areas we cover

include; washing up, using a vacuum cleaner, how to wash and dry clothes and most importantly how to clean a toilet.

The Allotment

Sutton School obtained the allotment in March 2016. On taking on the allotment the area was really neglected and full of weeds. The students worked really hard to clear and prepare the area ready for planting. We did not think we would be successful in growing any crops this year but due to all the hard work of students and staff we have a fully functional plot growing, beans, peas, cabbage, spouts, potatoes, herbs, rhubarb, chard and not forgetting our prize winning ghost pumpkins (fingers crossed).

In allotment work the students have been taught how to crop rotate, remove weeds, problem solve and most importantly what fruit and vegetables look and taste like and where they come from.