Unit 1: “Don’t Stop Believin” By Journey

This is a six-week Unit of Work. All the learning is focused around one song: Don’t Stop Believin’. Our Music lessons presents an integrated approach to music where games, the interrelated dimensions of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc.), singing and playing instruments are all linked. Throughout the unit, students will be encouraged to keep focused on musical learning; the integration of musical learning/practice is key during our music lessons as this allows the students to express themselves practically.


Unit 2: Musicals

For our annual winter production, Sutton Specialist School will be producing the show ‘Aladdin’. Students will take part in whole school/group singing lessons as well as our Gifted and Talented students who will have extra tuition for small group and individual performances. Students will learn how to sing in harmony and in tune with the music. Students will perform this production live on stage.


Unit 3: Jazz                

In this unit students will listen and appraise ‘The Three Note Bossa’ by Ian Gray and explore improvisation techniques with instruments. Students will learn how to play ‘The Three Note Bossa’ and perform the piece to the rest of the class.


Unit 4: Benjamin Britten – A tragic story

In this cross – curricular unit, Students will rely on their literacy skills to explore music in a story telling way. Students will research poets and authors and find why music inspires them to tell its story. Students will analyze the texture, tempo and dynamics etc. and be able to give a presentation on this. Students will learn the song and then practice and perform at the end of the term to the rest of their class.


Unit 5: ‘Stop’ – A rap song about bullying

In this unit, students will learn different songs based around a theme – Bullying. Students will learn six different songs from grime, hip hop, Bhangra, tango and classical, all based on bullying. Students will learn the historical content of each song and why the song was created. Students will take part in learning each song and perform all at the end of the term. By the end of the unit, students will have some knowledge of bullying, the impact and how it affects people and how music can help some musicians to express themselves.


Throughout the year, students will be exposed to a music site called “Charanga”. This is a teacher and pupil website where work can be set online.
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